Every 3rd Saturday in the month there is  live entertainment  in the bar for all

starting at 9pm

Up and Coming Events

Up and coming
in house Events

Members £2,and a £3.00 guest fee for non members
different fees apply for special event nights.

Tickets on sale in advance at the Bar

Maximum number of times a non member
can be signed in is twice, Its worth joining the club and will cost you less in long run

The Nights' Entertainment starts........from 9pm......Bar open from 7.30pm...........Get down early and come and enjoy the night 

Dec 7th       Liam Halewood

Dec 14th     Christmas Draw

Dec 21st     Tony Martell

Dec 31st      Ging A Ling  for New Year
Jan 11th      Dalya
Jan 18th      Chris Ritchie
Feb 1st       Jordan Yates
Feb 15th     Peter May
Feb 29th     Natalie Jax
Mar 14th     Chris Peters
Mar 28th     Ian Christie